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Mysteries Past and Present

Peru - A country that holds so many mysteries and questions leaves you exploring for answers. Explore new heights as ascend to Machu Picchu - a breathtaking fortress in the clouds.

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Bollywood in Real Life

India - A country of sights and sounds like to other. The countryside is dotted with the colourful saris of the women working and going about their day. The smell of freshly cooked food is always in the air and leaves you wanting to explore for the perfect dish. The land of mystery leaves you wanting more.

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Dunes to Delta

Namibia - A country that is completely different to any other African safari destination. Much of its wildlife has adapted to its dry desert landscape, including elephants and lions. It has the world’s highest dunes that stretch out into the Atlantic.  From Dunes to the Delta this is a photographer’s paradise.

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Clash of Cultures

Indonesia - While taking the path less traveled the vivid colors and vibrant wildlife are all around you in both the culture and countryside of Indonesia. The stresses of modern life disappeared as we explored remote islands, pristine beaches, tropical jungles, serene villages, and enchanting temples on this remarkable trip.

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Indochina - The best of South East Asian and Asia Cultures collide and blend so seamlessly you are left with sights and sounds unlike anything you can imagine. The Mekong river unites these countries in unexpected ways that you can only experience in person.

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Morocco - Travellers have long been seduced by Morocco’s unique architecture, vivid colors and dizzying labyrinthine medinas. Travel from town to town to discover the spellbinding treasures of Meknes, Casablanca, Fes, through the Sarah and Marrakech.

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